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We aim to build a better, more connected world

SPARK Creative Group - AV Integration Division, formerly Jensen Audio Visual, focuses on the art of integrating multiple technologies into cohesive, user-friendly systems. Those technologies can include sound and lighting systems, digital displays, projectors, video conferencing systems, surveillance cameras, and control interfaces. These technologies are utilized everywhere including in corporate offices, houses of worship, public spaces, classrooms, and homes.

In 2022 the SPARK Creative Group acquired Jensen Audio Visual, a company with over 20 years of trust and experience throughout the central and south coast. Now, with the resources and extended depth of knowledge brought by the SPARK Creative Group, this team is able to offer more than ever - more cutting edge tech, more creativity and design, and more satisfied clients. 

Video conferencing with PTZ camera

The Team

Senior Administration & Sales

Michael Dominquez

Integration Sales

Operations Coordinator

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